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Access Governance provides a rich consulting service via our partners Internet Commerce Australia Pty Ltd (ICA).

ICA offers consultancy services targeted at the design and implementation of unified access management, identity management and access control based on robust authentication and authorisation processes.  This consultancy capability is primarily focussed on the deployment of Identity & Access Management applications to organisations that require a whole-of-enterprise approach for both on-premise and cloud-based, web and legacy applications requiring identity management, common access control, single sign on and enterprise self-service features, plus capabilities such as Role Audits, Security compliance & Reporting 

An Access Governance engagement will typically commence with the definition of a Steering Committee, to whom the project will be responsible, and a Working Group, to manage the project activities.  Next an Environmental Scan will be undertaken to document the “As-is” situation noting the current identity provisioning processes and the main identity data repositories.  This will engage key persons in the organisation. The next step is to map the main provisioning and access control processes; this will be accomplished via facilitated workshop(s).  Once the current situation is understood a “strawman model” of the “To be” situation will be constructed.  This will be used to commence the design of the desired state.  Knowledgeable persons will be invited to test the model against the agreed requirements and the model will be adjusted appropriately. 

Once a working model has been achieved it will be presented to the Steering Committee and a business case will be developed.  The business case will clearly indicate the realisable benefits of proceeding with the target system.  Indicative costs will be determined and a cost/benefits analysis will be constructed to allow management to make an informed decision as how to best proceed.

ICA can also manage the deployment of these Identity & Access Management applications ensuring an orderly sequence of project tasks is defined and that related activities such as data cleansing or role optimisation is conducted. 

With ICA as a partner, Access Governance can ensure your system installation will be orderly and well-managed.
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