Access Governance Key supplier – CionSystems announces ™ Active Directory Reporter™ 5.0 adds many security related reports    

Redmond, WA – CionSystems, Inc. (, the leading provider of system management applications, today announced the release of Active Directory Reporter™ 5.0. Active Directory Reporter™ 5.0 is easy to deploy and provides reporting and change notification for Microsoft’s Active Directory, OpenLDAP, and Virtual Directory Platforms. Active Directory Reporter™ 5.0 simplifies compliance and management, with out of the box reports for passwords, devices, computers, groups, group policy objects, Exchange, and more. Ready to go out of the box, Active Directory Reporter provides powerful reporting without requiring expensive, time consuming, complex installation and configuration. The extensive reporting capabilities supports easy customization as to what information, date range, output format and order are provided. Reports can be saved as html, text, Excel, Word, and ldiff format.

Active Directory Reporter™ 5.0 is a best of breed web solution for gaining visibility and insight. Focused, configurable reports drill show users, identity, groups and membership, attributues, acls, and more. Reports can be easily customized to show specific attributes, and limited to pertinent date ranges. This includes analytics for Exchange, Group Policy, compliance related activities, operational metrics, and fault isolation. Active Directory Reporter™ 5.0 addresses compliance, governance, management, and operations. Deployment is simple, only requires standard Microsoft infrastructure components, and can utilize either Active Directory and other LDAP stores or both simultaneously.  

Active Directory Reporter™ 5.0 ( simplifies collecting and analyzing Active Directory data, as well as objects and atrriubtes stored in LDAP compliant directories, virtual directories, and selected log files. Active Directory Reporter™ 5.0 also provides a workspace where LDAP filters can be created, saved, documented and used to generate reports. Reports can be automatically generated and routed via email. Active Directory Reporter™ is a flexible and powerful tool for companies of all sizes.

“CionSystems provides the most versatile Identity and Infrastructure Management solution Available. Recent analyst reports show that our solutions address the critical issues surrounding user and infrastructure management. " Paul Cayley, Director, CionSystems Inc.
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