Access Governance is working hard to provide your firm with the best solutions to present and implement for your prospective customers. We are dedicated to bringing the best in Identity Management solutions to customers in the Asia Pacific Region and to providing the best in service and support. To do this we are committed to the success of our partners, both Principals and Channels with the aim of growing our channels, and therefore our Principal’s business. Successful partnerships require a mutual commitment of time and resources. Access Governance provides significant resources to the training and support of its Partners.

Channel Account Manager
Access Governance has a dedicated Channel Sales Director, whose primary role is to ensure that Channel Partners receive the support they need and to act as the main contact point with Access Governance.

Marketing Programs
In addition to a margin on sales, Access Governance also provides a marketing development fund.

We work with Partners to customize both sales and technical training to fit their specific requirements. Training is done through Webinar or other forms of online communication.

Technical Support
Access Governance’s is committed to providing superior client support. Channel Partners can elect to provide only first level support, or may be willing to provide the second level of support themselves. Requests for Support can be lodged 24/7.

Demonstration Licenses
Channel partners are eligible for a demonstration license so that you will be able to demonstrate products to your prospects and customers.

Corporate Web Site
The Access Governance web site provides another opportunity for you to describe and market your Access Governance centric solutions. We will post your announcements and press releases.

Download the Access Governance Channel Partner Programme Guide. Then, review the program benefits and requirements outlined in that document to determine how your firm might fit into the Access Governance Channel Partner Programme. Then, contact the Channel Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +61 418 490 860 to begin the Partnering process.
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