A supplier of Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Azure Active Directory focussed on Identity and Access management Tools. 

CionSystems was founded in 2007 by a veteran Microsoft software architect and other industry experts with years of implementing and deploying proven IT solutions.  From the start, our goal has been to provide a suite of IT management solutions to help minimize critical downtime and simplify or automate repetitive IT tasks.  Over the last couple of years we have achieved that goal by building products that reduce the cost of deployment and help the troubleshooting and management of Windows environments.

cionmanagerActive Directory Manager PRO
Due to the inherent complexities involved, managing the Active Directory has become a challenge for IT organizations, especially in mid-sized and large organizations. Creating Users manually and configuring their security permissions is tiresome, error prone, and extremely time consuming, particularly in complex Windows networks. Moreover, to accomplish these tasks requires an in-depth knowledge of the Active Directory module and scripting language.

This application solves those issues by greatly extends the native tools and introducing new functionalities without any need for scripting or complicated programming.

cionrecoveryActive Directory Recovery

Active Directory (AD) is one of the most critical systems in your Windows infrastructure. It manages essential information and all enterprise level applications and security depend on its health therefore its availability and security must be assured. Human error, malicious actions, and technology failures can easily corrupt your directory, system configurations or Group Policy data. To sustain efficient business operations, you must securely back up your AD and be ready to recover the information 24/7 because any unplanned system downtime means lost productivity. 

cionreporterActive Directory Reporter

Reports provide an administrator with the most accurate and up to date information about the state of your infrastructure. This application extracts vital information about network objects quickly, and displays it in a clear, "ready to export" format.

cionchangenotifierActive Directory Change Notifier

Active Directory changes daily, yet most IT organizations are unaware of the changes until something breaks. This leads to downtime, loss of productivity, and higher cost. Becoming proactive and more aware is part of the overall IT optimization strategy. The Active Directory Change Notifier is an invaluable resource when IT organizations are developing a proactive approach to managing their infrastructure.

cionsysteminfoSystem Information and Comparison

This application is loaded with powerful features that will help audit systems locally or remotely. Achieving a robust and reliable environment takes analysis and planning- deploying this solution is a must for any IT organization looking to protect its infrastructure.

cionselfserviceEnterprise Self-service

CionSystems Enterprise Self- Service is a state-of-the-art solution for identity administration and access control. It delivers the functionality of web access policy creation and enforcement, user self-registration and self-service, delegated administration, password management and reporting. Having 3 access levels provides the flexibility and reach necessary in today's complex business environment. Enterprise Self Service allows users to reset their password and unlock their account using their phone, tablet, shared workstation or kiosk. It delivers multi-factor authentication and white pages and supports Active Directory, OpenLDAP, other LDAP compliant directories, virtual directories, AzureAD or Office 365.

cionidentitymanageCloud Identity Management Tool

CionSystems cloud based Identity and Access Management (IAM) Solution, CIMT, is a centralized on premise enterprise to Microsoft BPOS | Office365 cloud identity integration, access and management solution. It automates user de-provisioning, provisioning, collects auditing data for compliances. It enables migration to the Microsoft cloud in stages via all or a subset of user migration from on-premise to the Microsoft BPOS cloud. Leverage powerful secure self service option for password resets, account unlock for both premise and BPOS | office365 cloud. Keep the passwords in sync between on premise domain to BPOS | office365 cloud.

cionofficedataMicrosoft Office Data Management Solutions

Our MS Excel data management suite offers users to customize their Excel data to relational data conversion and management process. This set of tools is configurable objects which can be added to the enterprise environment as add-ins to the MS Excel ribbon. We offer various add-ins based on the financial, accounting and treasury functions for which the targeted add-ins are being designed.

ciongpomanageGPO Manager

Group Policy allows users administrators to implement specific configurations for users and computers. Group Policy settings are contained in Group Policy objects (GPOs), which are linked to the following Active Directory directory service containers: sites, domains, or organizational units (OUs).

cionidentityCloud Identity Minder

CionSystems' Cloud Identity Minder provides a two factor authentication systems that can be easily integrated with any web or non-web application. Instead of application managing the authentication, offload that functionality to CionSystems Cloud Identity Minder authenticator and Cloud Identity Minder module. In addition the application provides end users self passwords reset and unlocking of accounts. It also allows them to securely make account changes reducing the need for HR staff or your web-application to maintain current user information.

cionsecurityEnterprise Security Policy Manager

Enterprise Security and Policy Manager is a must-have for IT organizations seeking to simplify access management. The easy to use interface, powerful and flexible access policies and audit capabilities streamlines managing permission. Leveraging claims based access control, Enterprise Security and Policy Manager allows data owners to control who has what rights and greatly reduces provisioning and de-provisioning overhead. It eliminates bloat in the number of groups and group members, and provides real time, dynamic access control.

cionADAD Diagram


AD Diagram reads an Active Directory configuration using LDAP, and then automatically generates a Visio diagram of your Active Directory. The diagrams may include domains, sites, servers, organizational units, groups and Users. With the AD Diagram tool, you can also draw partial Information from your Active Directory, like only one Domain or one site. The objects are linked together, and arranged in a reasonable layout that you can later interactively work with the objects in Microsoft Office Visio.
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