Product Information

A comprehensive public alert and warning system that provides full service emergency management and response.  The system automatically distributes
messages to iNOTiFY broadcast assets, partners and systems that reside within affected areas.
In every emergency, there is a need for private as well as public communications. Using the iNOTiFY browser and smart phone interfaces, Emergency Managers can communicate privately with their Emergency Support Function (ESF) teams using rich media (text, audio, and pictures) presented on a map display. SOS and Status functions are also available

· IPAWS/FEMA: All Emergency Managers need to fully communicate with the National FEMA/IPAWS network. Using the same web browser and smart phone interfaces described above, this communication can be performed from virtually any location

· Public Communication: When the time arises for a public announcement to be made, the same iNOTiFY web browser and smart phone interfaces can also be used to issue alerts, warnings and directions to the public via email, SMS, Facebook and even public address systems and sirens
In a nutshell, iNOTiFY provides 3 vital emergency communications mechanisms; all within a SINGLE system

From the user perspective, iNOTiFY is an easy to use system that is accessed primarily via a Browser Interface and a Smart Phone App as follows

· iNOTiFY Administrative Terminal (iAT): Using this browser interface, the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) can manage its privileged user accounts and tailor iNOTiFY configuration settings to best support its mission

· iNOTiFY Collaboration Terminal (iCT): This map-based browser interface is the workhorse of iNOTiFY. Using the iCT, EOC personnel can communicate real time with the FEMA IPAWS network, the ESF teams and the public using text, audio and pictures

· iNOTiFY Mobile Observer App (iMO): The iMO App is the mobile version of the iCT. Using this intuitive dashboard interface, all members of the Emergency Management team can communicate and collaborate wherever they happen to be

· ChatterBox Appliance: The ChatterBox is an OPTIONAL iNOTiFY component that is only required if interfacing to public address systems or sirens is desired. Think of the ChatterBox as a smart router that you install within an equipment room and forget about

· Public Portal: In order for the public to receive direct iNOTiFY communications, they are invited to sign-up for an iNOTiFY account using a simple web browser interface. Once registered, they can specify the types of alerts/warnings they wish to receive, as well as how they would like to 
Once registered, they can specify the types of alerts/warnings they wish to receive, as well as how they would like to receive them (email, SMS, Facebook)

  • Quick and immediate dissemination of warnings and information to people and systems in affected areas
  • Information can be confined to those in a defined area or a group of people (e.g. firefighters in an area) if so needed
  • iNOTiFY Mobile Observer Smart Phone App allows users to see their current location and path taken.  This tool is useful if a user issues an SOS.  It allows photos taken in a specific area to be submitted as well, so that the criticality can be seen first hand.
  • Alerts can be submitted and action taken in a timely manner according to the level of emergency
  • ‘Chatterboxes’ can be connected for public broadcast and sirens.  Text to speech processing is available.

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