Product Overview 

K-Now is a social media and mobile app provider for major Event Management & Crowd Security. Its exciting new technology allows you to easily capture, search and visualise real-time information to obtain actionable insight from your data.

K-Now KrowdTrak analyses social media postings from a variety of sources such as Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Blogs, Vimeo etc and presents this information in summary form in real time to Security & Event Management organizations to ensure critical response is always available.

By harnessing the data from social media, you can gather analytics for brand management and crowd intentions. It supports direct interaction with users – apps for capturing information, customer feedback, requests. There is flexible search capabilities to find data instantly and data archiving for audit purposes. You can overlay information regarding the location of mobile application users through our white label mobile application.


The features of the app allow you to

  • Know exactly where your members of staff are and their proximity to reported incidents using real-time geographic tracking of our mobile application users.
  • Send images, comments and category classifications to easily document and submit information on incidents happening on the ground.
  • View incident details through Kite’s mobile and web interfaces.
  • View the latest incident information available via a live web hosted dashboard that dynamically updates itself.
  • Filter through incidents by category and status (e.g. new, assigned, in progress and completed) and by time (e.g. last hour, last day, etc.)
  • Use the web interface to assign incidents to specific members of staff on the ground for inspection and completion which are sent as notifications through the mobile interface.
  • Access your data for post-event analysis to better understand the context behind recorded incidents allowing you to learn from mistakes.
  • Drill down into data using Kite’s advanced data visualisation capabilities.

Kite is our data capture search and visualisation platform that allows us to practice our philosophy of making your data accessible and usable to make unknowns known.

With KITE you don’t have to be content with previously gathered data. You can capture new data in the system through web forms or via our white label mobile platform.

Kite enables you to make decisions from a control room based on real-time data submitted through this white-label mobile application and on to a dashboard.

How does it work?

Kite operates on a simple but effective two-tier communication system:
  • You can overlay information regarding the location of mobile application users through our white label mobile application.
  • Then authorities in a control room can make decisions based on a dashboard that automatically updates in conjunction with the information submitted.

Kite provides a unique two-way communication channel between decision makers and members of the public based on real-time data

By making this real-time data usable, Kite allows you to make more informed decisions whilst keeping in constant contact with your data and then by recording and storing it, enables you to learn lessons from the information collected.

Use in Industry

Kite gives you a unique edge in data management especially when dealing with planned and unplanned events -

During large-scale event management, real-time data can be submitted through kite by members of a security team to a control room from which decisions can be made and then orders relayed.

The information can then be stored and categorized by time and type and made readily accessible to allow you to learn lessons and answer questions.

In the event of a crisis, it allows citizens and members of the public to act as soft sensors to the environment and provide a clear communication channel between citizens and authorities. This is crucial to making clinical, contemporaneous decisions that can reduce the risk of damage and loss of life.

This data system gives a unique edge when dealing with water monitoring and flood management.


Flood and water management is made simpler by allowing members of the public to act as soft sensors to the environment and enables them to submit data such as water level readings.

This information is then displayed on a dashboard and can be monitored and acted upon by decision makers using Krowd-Trak and its elements (StageTrak, FestSurfer and FestPulse).


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