Product Overview

A supplier of On Boarding and Off Boarding Solutions for staff, contractors and assets.

WEB Interface

Usercube is a web application, with clear and intuitive interface for all users of the enterprise. Usercube natively integrates into a Microsoft based environment; users do not have to input their login and password to connect to Usercube.

Based on web and software architecture state of the art, Usercube is configured and used through a web browser, from computers, tablets or smartphones. Usercube relies on IIS, a .Net framework and a SQL server database.

Usercube owns multiple connectors to synchronize data with other systems such as Human Resource or directories, or access rights information stored in corporate systems or business applications. Usercube also has a manual connector to simply send instructions by e-mail and collects acknowledgments when the job is done. 


Usercube uses a powerful and robust workflow engine. Each request, each administrative task is integrated in the workflow and benefits e-mail notifications, automatic reminders and centralized traces. Ready to use workflows allow Usercube to work as soon as is it installed. The ease of configuration guarantees to match the existing corporate processes. 

Usercube provides a comprehensive solution for managing internal and external staff moves. 

Usercube workflows help to manage daily actions (arrival of a person, appointments, departure of a collegue, request for an access right or an equipment). 

Workflows can be triggered automatically from an external software such as the HR system or manually by an empowered user (someone from HR, a local officer or a team leader). 

Each request goes through a manual approval (a manager, a local administrator) or an automatic approval when a dispensation is configured. 

Management of People Movement

In all enterprises, staff moves are frequent (hire, fire, subsidiary opening, office closure, reorganization, relocation). Those moves impact many departments which are requested to anticipate and get the job done quickly. HR must organise and communicate. General services must manage badges, offices and places... IT has to deal with computers, phones, network access and applications... And risk management must ensure traceability of all changes. 

Usercube knows the organization of the enterprise. Its workflows inform in real time the stakeholders. This enables better efficiency and reduces the waste of time at each move. 

Corporate Directory

Usercube's directory contains all the people and organization of the enterprise. Each person (internal or external), each location, each team or group each department is referenced in Usercube. Crosslinks allows one to easily jump from one entry to another. 

A graphical organization chart helps to visualize teams and their members. 

This directory is available for all on the intranet, from a tablet or a smartphone. It is easy to find someone with the multi-criteria search. 

The directory is updated through people moves workflows, with administration actions and self-service updates. This guarantees a high level of quality of the corporate information. 

Rights and Endowments

Usercube is also your one-stop shop for all requests of access rights or endowments of equipment. Each user, his manager or local officer can request, return or change a right or an equipment. 

Usercube's workflow drives the request to the proper persons to get approval and action as fast as possible. 

Thanks to Usercube connectors, access rights are automatically provisioned into systems and business applications (including those in the cloud). 

Each access and equipment is recorded into a database and available at anytime. Inventory is facilitated. It helps communicating to users of a specific service or application. When someone leaves, the person in charge can view in one click which equipment to gather and close all accesses with another click.

Clean Up and Control

Usercube on demand reports facilitate the setup and the follow up of Usercube data. Many reports,  available in Excel, provide all information about people, organization, access rights and endowments stored in the Usercube database. 

There are information reports such as the telephone list, which is generated on demand by users. There are working reports such as data reconciliation between connectors and the directory. Finally, there are control reports providing statistics on data quality or IT security. 

Each report is available instantly as soon as Usercube is installed. Reports are configurable to match enterprise needs. 


Usercube installations and its integration in different systems and business applications of the enterprise is made in a few days, thanks to its plug and play architecture. Our customers and system integrators can therefore concentrate on change management and higher value-add tasks. 

Usercube uses IIS and the .Net framework, with a SQL server database. Usercube runs as good on a dedicated server as on a virtual machine. 

Usercube easily integrates in your IT, without schema extension in your AD and without need for specific knowledge to manage it daily.


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